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    Intermedia Hosted Sharepoint Connectivity Problems?


    Is anyone having a problem with Intermedia's Hosted Sharepoint (WSS 3.0) Service? For the past couple days I've had sporadic service. Finally today, None of my pc's can get to my hosted sharepoint site. I even tried my site from 3 other locations, all with different ISP's, networks, and even geographic locations. (2 Corporate spots in OKC, Tulsa, Dallas).

    Anyways their tech support says they can log in fine, and it's just a problem with my ISP. (I tried to emphasis the fact that it's 4 different ISP's all having the same issue).
    Ping's good, I even get an authentication window. Just when I put in credentials I get The connection was interrupted.

    Anyways phone support could only offer to open a ticket for me. Can anyone else using Intermedia Hosted Sharepoint let me know if they too are having problems? I realize Hosted Email is probably working fine.

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    And it works correctly again now.

    No idea.

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