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  1. #1 - Anyone used them?

    Hi There,
    Has anyone used for server admin work, especially on FreeBSD? My other Admin team bailed on me, so I am looking for a new team to Secure and Harden my box. I have searched the boards, and have not found a review on them yet.

    So any feed back regarding their services would be greatly appreciated.


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    765 seams like a normal forum, didn't find anything about they are doing admin work....

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    If you just go there URL, then yes, that is exactly what you get.

    They do have link of of that that I found in the Advertising forum, for admin work, securing etc..

    The base URL redirecting a forum, does not make me feel warm and fuzzy, like some of the other Admin pages I have looked at, but if they do a good job of securing, then who cares.


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    Was the post in the advertising forum actually from a representative of

    If you have any concerns about the authenticity, I would recommend contacting one of their admins/moderators to get clarification.

    Best of Luck!
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    It appears to be from them.

    Here is the link to one of there posts:

    Can't post a link yet, so you will need to copy and paste.


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    642 makes me wanna (not visit the site).

    I can't imagine it is a very successful business with a name like that - your scaring away the visitors with that kind of domain if you ask me.

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    Well the name suites their slogan, "Who knows better than the real attackers?"

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    I must say that the name scared me too. If there are indeed a black hat group, then who knows what they would do to your machine. But, I must not judge them by name alone.

    Which is why I started this thread. To see, if they have been used by anyone and what reviews if any anyone cares to share about them.


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