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    Build a custom miniCMS for my web site? PHP?

    Hello, I am a web designer just getting started with PHP. I need help with a miniCMS (for lack of a better term). I have tried out other pre-build CMS's but they all seem cumbersome. What I need:

    Front end:
    1. Web based administion
    2. Users will login and then be able to create/edit pages in some TINYmce like fashion.

    Back end:
    1. I want to be able to easily add the above functionality to pages like so:
    <div>Stuff stuff stuff<div/>

    <div><?php include("miniCMS.php"); ?></div>

    2. Code must be clean, cross-browser compatible, and W3C valid.

    That is a basic overview of what I am looking for. There may be some additional functionality too.

    There may be a solution like this already out there, if so I cannot find it. If anyone points me in the right direction there may be a finders reward.

    Those coders please PM me.

    Thanks a lot.

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    What about translucid? It's a very very simple CMS that I change and adapt for my clients' needs. It might be worth checking out.


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    taltos1, check out this site , has a list of good CMS's, don't know if this helps or not.

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    Still looking, please PM me.

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