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    67 Any experience with them?

    I thinking of converting from shared hosting to Dedicated. This website popped up today and it seems decent. Does anyone have any experience with them?

    Im thinking of this to start of with

    • Celeron, Dual Core & Athlon 64
    • 512MB-4GB RAM
    • 80GB-500GB Hard Drives
    • 1000GB-1500GB traffic

    What does everyone think?

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    anyone use them im thinking of colocating a box with them

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    Search option is working well here.
    Anyway try to ask them for things to test their services. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
    >>Web Hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and virtual private dedicated servers.
    >>>>Wholly owned multi homed network, servers and facilities.

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    I have a server with them. They seem to be pretty good so far. They are suppose to be working on a better support ticket system as they only accept support by email at the moment. But for the price of things, I'd say you can't go wrong.

    Their datacenter is and that was the main reason I signed up with them, as Momentum host big name industry companies such as Xerox, Hyundai, Allstate , etc....

    Taking that to thought, that means they should have a good network (no downtime allowed).

    Just my 2 cent, hope it helps.

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