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    Need to BUY a Server

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for the cheapest best place to buy Dediservers from.
    I need to outright purchase not rent.

    The servers are for hosting Game Servers, i was naturally looking for Dual Xeons.

    Specs - Dual Xeons+
    2-4GB RAM

    I only need one server and my budget is $1000


    Help much appreciated in advance

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    At that budget you will need to be looking at used systems I believe, unless you want dressed up desktops.

    Rent to own from Colo resellers might be another option.

    Good luck,
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    We use Ram Micro industries here in Nashville. They are GREAT and could help you out. I can send over the email address for our rep -- PM me if you want this.

    Overall, you're looking at very very low end servers if that's your budget.


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    I could push my budget to $1500

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    Another decent option is Stallard Technologies. They sell exclusively Dell...
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