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    Shoutcast server

    Hi all,

    My prob is for my current dedi server and want to configure shoutcast for the server. I have install the shoutcast located in /usr/local/shoutcast .

    Just curious one of my customer would like to use the shoutcast so how can i create a user for them ? should i install manually for each of my customer that want to host shoutcast ?

    please help

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    It's advisable to make a seperate user for all shoutcasts so you are not running them as root for security alone.

    When you provide shoutcast servers though clients dont really need any access other than an IP, port and login details to their D.N.A.S web interface.

    If you give them SSH access they can edit configuration files etc, unless you go for a more complicated setup.

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    should i install in their separate user ? or just a single install and configure something?

    sorry i really don't know to configure shoutcast well

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