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    Win2K Adv, MSSQL, 16 IPs, 50GB Transfer

    Web Hosting Consortium / Anant Systems, Inc. is about to expand our hosting
    services and would like to extend a pre-release offer to Web Hosting Talk members.
    All dedicated servers come with a miminum 3-month contract.
    This offer is valid for one week beginning at 11:59 PM August 15th, 2002.

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP3 w/ .NET
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP2
    Xmail Server (Binaries)
    PHP/Perl/Jmail Professional/ Sa File Upload / Odbc Reg / DIWhois
    Full Administrative Control via Terminal Services.

    $199/ Month Recurring Cost
    $100 Non Recurring Cost (One Time Setup)
    4/6 Servers Available

    Include Hardware Features
    Pentium Celeron 1.1-1.3gz
    20G HD
    128MB Ram
    16 Ips
    50GB Transfer
    24/7 Support via Email or Toll-Free Number

    Optional Features:
    16 Ips - $16/mo
    30GB HD Upgrade - One Time Fee $80
    128 MB RAM Upgrade - One Time Fee $75
    10GB - $10/mo
    Imail 7.11 - $25/mo

    The providers involved are:
    UUNET, AT&T, Qwest, Broadwing, Level 3, and Cable & Wireless in a star topology.

    These dedicated servers will be setup in 72 hours, as it is a pre-release offer.

    Please contact me for information on setting these up.

    Rahul Singh
    [email protected]
    VP, Applications

    [email protected] |
    1-877-ANANTCO (626-6826)
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    Attention Resellers : More servers available... IMAIL included..

    We sold a couple from the pre-release offering...

    And we have some more servers available.. Except this time you can get Imail included for no extra cost..

    Attention Resellers : A full Windows 2000 Web hosting package
    for only $199 per month.

    These are meant to be private label so you can sell these under your name as well or use it to host your own sites.

    Discounts are available in bulk.

    Setup fee waived for this round of offerings.

    Rahul Singh
    [email protected]

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    I was wondering the same thing? Although he may buy the licenses in bulk which cuts the cost down.
    James R. Clark II

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    Through a certain partnership,
    we have received lower than OEM pricing for OS, DB, and Imail.

    The hardware costs were also very low because of bulk purchases.

    Hope that helps,


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    One last question, how does having 4/6 servers give you bulk purchasing options? I know dell doesnt give any sort of bulk discount until 20-40 server purchase.


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    The parent company Anant purchased much more than that to use for other purposes. We also have some more available, but are not selling them yet.


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