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Thread: CPU/RAM Specs

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    CPU/RAM Specs

    for a dedicated server, what is a reasonable spec'd system? not talking large amounts of HDD....but mainly about CPU and RAM - what should be the "good" spec for this? Say, maybe 70 users+ per day accessing it, but no heavy downloading involved really.....

    Would a celeron be ok? Even though I prefer a P4 or Dual Core/Quad core

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    I would at least go to a dual core , just due to the fact you get much more bang for just a few more bucks.
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    For a website wich does not receive high traffic, but which still needs a stable platform I would suggest you to get Core 2 Duo with 2-4 GB of RAM, RAID 1 mirroring or even RAID 5. Don't go for Celerons or Athlons.
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    Thanks, i ONLY go for Intel....end of story

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