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    Companies To Resell?


    i am Looking for Dedicated Server Companies Whose Servers i can Reseller.

    Some of my requirements are:
    1.They should not be a reseller of someone else but should own the hardware themselves.
    2. They should have Paypal as payment processor.(otehr will be a plus point)
    3.they support should be ok. like i don't want delay of 24 hours. support times of around 3-4 hours is pretty much good.
    4.If possible, they should do reverse DNS so their name is not visible.
    5.The Pricing should be competitive.i am not saying too cheap or too high.
    6.They should have been in the business a minimum 8 months and should have good reviews(overall since no one is perfect)

    I am looking for a few companies and not one. so please provide your suggestions.these can be from any place(i do not have any specific place in mind)

    Please suggest me a few companies for this so i can do further research and contact them directly.

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    do you have any geographic requirements?
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    Currently i do not have any Geographic Requirements in Place.

    The Main Requirement is good support and Competitive rates.

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    I think that most of the smaller dedicated web hosts here would be interested to discuss any form of partnership with you. I would suggest you to do your own reserch through the forums, and I'm sure you'll be able to cast some names. I would send them my requirements and to talk to someone from their management.

    I'm curious how many of the bigger dedicated hosting providers would pay attention on your thread. So please come back and post something about this. You don't need to reveil any names.
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    I am Going through The dedicated Server Forum and Looking at some offers.
    I have Emailed a Few Companies.
    There is nothing big and small.I believe any company is big if they can handle the Clients Appropriately.

    I am not looking for Partnership.I just want to be a reseller and if any company Wants to Contact me regarding this, Please Pm me.

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    Most of the dedicated server providers have a reseller program in place and may or may not advertise it on their website. Contact their Sales department for confirmation or to request for more details.

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    i know this fact.

    what i am asking is for companies which are good. io can contact them directly but i need a few recommendations as to which company are good and whom should i opt for.

    so, i can chose between say around 2-3 good ones and reseller them.

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    Also - where are you looking at? UK? USA?

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    both. i will look at both places and chose about 1 provider from each place.

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