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    What is

    Hey guys,

    I'm getting like over 150,000 referring hits from that site and I can't figure out why! I'm cont complaining, but I would at least like to know why I'm getting so many hits from that site.

    It's in Koren and whatever is there isn't indexed on google, because I searched that domain and some keywords from my site and found nothing.

    Someone mind telling me what that website is?

    These are the links:


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    Naver was incorporated in June 2005, launching the first South Korean search portal that used an internally developed search engine. In August 2000, it launched the "Comprehensive Search" service. which allows users to get a variety of results from a search query on a single page, organized by type, including blogs, websites, images, cafes, etc. This was five years before Google launched a similar offering with its "Universal Search.
    meh. sounds like South Korea's google?
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    I wonder why they like me so...

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    Is your site about dogs ?

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