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    billing/management software for dedicated hosts?

    Is there a billing, server/asset management type tool out there for dedicated hosting and possibly managed services? Such as something that perhaps tracks inventory, and allows the "customize your own server" type features?

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    I think Ubersmith does that. If they are still advertising here, you will see the ad at the top of each thread. My firewall blocks ads, so I dont know if they are still advertising..

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    They are... *I* haven't blocked the adds yet...
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    I would prefer a piece of software that can be hosted locally... as far as I can tell Ubersmith will only allow you to use their software if you host it with them, and frankly I wouldn't trust a competitor (Voxel) to host my billing system.

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    Also, where is there an example of a "customize your own server" type feature being done with Ubersmith? Seems to me, there isn't a feature like this.

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