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    Flash Work

    Im looking for quotes for 4 flash advertisements.

    Not really 100% how to explain what I require. But im sure that you have seen sites where the advert pops up on page load or rollover.

    I would need to be able to edit the text included in the flash at a later stage so I am looking for the full source not just the outputted result.

    Based on my current website the four adverts would be used for certain points of the year for special offers.

    Xmas & New Year

    plus one extra generic advert for random specials

    Please contact me with your previous work portfolio and prices.

    I am not looking for a flash banner something more rectangular and compact.

    Many thanks

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    I can do it for $120 (all 4+1 banners).
    Text can be edited in an external textfile (no xml knowledge necessary).

    Pm me, if interested.
    Freelance Coder

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