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    * Dedicated Server, No Setup Fee! FLAT SERVER - Germany

    The main features of our services are as follows:
    * FREE Basic Support via Mail 24/7
    * FREE Operating System
    * FREE Confixx - Control Panel
    * FREE OS/CP Reloads
    * FREE Hardware Replacement
    * FREE 5 IPs
    * Own Customerpanel
    * Make your own Hard-Reset 24/7/365
    * Setup the Reverse DNS in Realtime
    * If your box makes trouble, we have a Rescue System where you work at the RAM of your box to fix Problems
    * Make your own Reinstall between 10-15 minutes 24/7/365
    * No Setup-Fee
    * Online within 24 hours
    * All boxes with 100mbit shared connection on full duplex switch
    * 10-15 mbit, peaks are possible but not allowed all over the time

    Available Dedicated Servers with full Root-Access (unmanaged)

    Dedicated Server with Unmetered 100mbit/s-port, Unmetered Traffic:

    1 x Intel Core 2 Duo 1,86 GHz, 4096 MB RAM, 2 x 160 GB SATA
    price per month 179 US Dollar, No Setup Fee

    1 x Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz, 4096 MB RAM, 2 x 250 GB SATA
    price per month 189 US Dollar, No Setup Fee

    1 x Dual Xeon 2,8 GHz, 2048 MB RAM, 2 x 250 GB HDD
    price per month 189 US-Dollar, No Setup Fee

    Prices per month, incl. VAT, and per Box. The account for the package takes place monthly in advance. Minimum term of this contract is 1 month. The term of notice is 30 days before the end of contract. With your order you accept our terms at our website . To order a box, please contact us with your billingadress, which OS and Box you like under [email protected]

    Payment Options are paypal, moneybookers or credit card

    Possible OS to install/reinstall:

    CentOS v4.4 minimum SSH
    CentOS v5.0 minimum SSH
    Debian Etch v4.0 minimum SSH
    Debian Etch v4.0 CONFIXX v3.2.1
    Debian Etch v4.0 LAMPPPW
    Debian Sarge v3.1r4 minimum SSH
    Debian Sarge v3.1r4 CONFIXX v3.2.1
    Debian Sarge v3.1r4 LAMPPPW
    Fedora Core v6.0 minimum SSH
    Fedora Core v7.0 minimum SSH
    Gentoo 2006.1 minimum SSH
    Slackware v11.0 minimum SSH
    Suse v10.2 minimum SSH
    Suse v10.2 CONFIXX v3.2.1
    Suse v10.2 LAMPPPW
    Ubuntu Edgy v6.10 minimum SSH


    You can check available boxes under

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    Would you be willing to do a box with FreeBSD or a BSD of some kind? If so please PM me.
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    yes, we can do this. first installation is for free, further installation cost 59$ each install monday till friday (because we must do this manually)

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    if 10-15 mbit is possible but not allowed what is the meaning of 100 mbit for the user

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    also 80mbit are possible, because it`s a 100mbit shared line, but not all over the time. short peaks are allowed

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