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    sir i want to start a download website.. everybody here gave me suggestions to go to vps... i dont know wat is it... i dont even know how to upload webpage... plz tell me how to start a download website with vps...

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    What types of files will you be hosting?

    What kind of help do you need?

    A high level answer woulf be to build a website and upload your files. However that depends on your goals. Will these files be links or a searchable database? Will users need to register to access the files? Are you charging for the files?

    Any website can be used to serve files however the content and volume of files will be very important.

    I would recomend that you find a wendesigner to start with.

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    ya thanx for tat i would be glad if u tell me some webdesigner..

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    Im not 100% sure what you want.

    A webdesigner will design you a website but i doubt they will setup your VPS for you.

    You will need to look for a provider that will manage the technical side of your VPS for you.
    Have a look in the offers forum for a managed VPS.
    -- Adam

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