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    Thumbs down Nocster Nightmare

    This is getting a bit ridiculous.

    • When first buying the Nocster server, I opted in for a remote reboot port for an extra $20/month. All three tickets regarding the setup of the port have been open for around two months, and yet I've been charged for the port this whole time.
    • A couple of days ago the power supply on the Nocster server died. They replaced it and the fan after much downtime.
    • Well apparently they didnt do a very good job with the fan, as today the hard drive overheated. It just came back online a few minutes ago after over an hour of downtime.

    Needless to say, I'm getting my clients far, far away from Nocster as soon as possible. Waiting on the FastServers dual-processor machine to be set up any day now.

    I'm sure Nocster is a great solution for people hosting one or two sites on the machine, but for a web hosting environment, if you're thinking about getting a server with Nocster, I'd say think again.

    That said, they've got a pretty good team of people working there. I can call them on the phone and get a response very quickly. But fast responses are not worth all that much when they stick you with junky hardware.
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