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    mySQL Cluster hosting solution

    I looking to entering into this kind of market. Do anyone know if there are any Company out there that offer this kind of service?

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    Are you looking at providing this service or looking for a host that does?

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    I guess he wants to know if there are any competitors in this field.
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    I wouldn't have thought there were any companies that specifically specialised, and provided no other service than 'MySQL Cluster Hosting', I can't see how that would be a sustainable/feasible business. If you have a database cluster you're likely to want web servers, load balancers, etc ...

    If you want to look at the bigger picture and say are there any companies that offer managed hosting with MySQL, yes there are loads.


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    Yep, you'd be going against Amazon ... sort of. They have a service called S3 (

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    Quote Originally Posted by Specks View Post
    Yep, you'd be going against Amazon ... sort of. They have a service called S3 (
    Nah that isn't for mysql cluster and actually running mysql on amazon S3 you would most likely get very poor performance.

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    I think he may have meant Amazon's EC2 and you can use S3 for the backend storage.
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    You should be creating/using applications with database partition in mind...

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    You should take around some Hosting Co are offering good expertise with Mysql.

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    I have not been able to find any host offering that. You can set it up yourself.

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