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    MangeMyBox -

    On Friday I took out a dedicated service with ManageMyBox. The server was delivered a day or so after ordering.

    I, of course, started to migrate stuff to it immediately. I went to Tom at Maxim Support to get ffmpeg + extras installed, before going about moving cPanel accounts over from two VPS'.

    There were problems in the installation - the machine was running pretty slow, and after I updated cP/WHM tweaked WHM options to match the (very fast VPS'), it slowed down too.. Not to mention the issues I had with DNS the first time around. Apparently installing ffmpeg and a few extras for this dedicated box, and putting a few accounts in to cPanel, isn't something it can take without breaking.

    For an idea of the box, this is the spec:

    Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    Memory: 2048MB DDR RAM
    Hard Drive: 120GB 7200RPM (Western Digital)
    IP Addresses: 10 Included (With Justification)
    24/7 QuickSUPPORT
    I also noted the "QuickSupport" page blagging:

    Request Server Restore - Authorize a restore of your server back to how it was provisioned to you. This goes direct to our datacenter to have it completed straight away. Will also open a Customer service issue for the billing of the restore.
    What a load of baloney. I requested the server restore over 32hrs ago, and have had no response except:

    problems with getting cpanel to install, finally have this back and beginning the setup
    That was 15hrs ago.

    Just as a little background information, this is what kicked the reinstall off. I asked them to login to the box, and this was our resulting conversation:

    Quote Originally Posted by them
    you are running an unsupported version of cpanel and have made your own custom changes to the server, there's no telling what effect those changes will really have.

    As it was I could barely do anything on the server, you seem to have it bogged down pretty good but I couldn't find any specific process slowing it all down (although someone else in there was tailing the exim logs.

    You could try turning of X headers under tweak settings but again, you have made unsupported changes and we cannot work with the server in it's current overloaded state so really don't know what else to tell you there.
    Quote Originally Posted by me
    - added to yum's repositories. I'll restore to default.
    - cPanel was updated, but in an attempt to solve this issue, as it was one of the solutions I found when googling the issue.
    - ffmpeg + extras for it are installed for use with one of the sites. This should not affect the system.
    - WHM options tweaked to similar as previous box (like quota notifications)

    I would like to stress that these are the only changes I have made to the system configuration.

    The only thing that I did which could possibly have resulted in this problem is updating cPanel, which I did only to try to fix the issue.

    How is it overloaded? Please explain this, in full detail. The basic 'changes' I have made should NOT impact the server in any such way as you are saying.

    I took X headers off and it's not helped.

    How about we start again, instead of laying blame at the first opportunity?

    we'll start from the beginning. You are saying that the server is slow - but it's been like that since I first logged in. I didn't understand that this speed would mean it was 'bogged down'.

    If you would, kindly, agree to reinstall the box (************urgently******* as this all still needs to be working 0900 Monday GMT), I will create one account to see if it works. If it does, I will migrate other accounts one by one, testing first to ensure they function correctly.

    I will ensure that no changes are made without informing yourselves, but I must say that ffmpeg and it's dependencies must be installed. However, unless there are issues with the default install, they won't weigh it down (I've had it installed before on many boxes and it's never slowed a machine down).

    This way, we can maybe stop pointing fingers, and I'll have a working service.

    Surely doing nothing but tailing the exim logs (trying to diagnose the issue) shouldn't have killed all performance on a 2Ghz box with 2Gb RAM, and 90% free hard drive space? Surely you can't tell me updating cP/WHM was unsupported when, if I hadn't updated it, I'd have never found that out... Come on, make things clear when people sign up!

    Surely blaming me for such a configuration issue is a bit much, but I went on and requested they reinstall, after I moved all the domains off the server again.

    I haven't heard anything except excuses since they responded very quickly to the reinstall request - of course - because they charged me another $30 for the privilege.

    Am I the only one that sees issue here?

    I made it clear how this server was needed quickly. It wasn't provisioned in any rush. I was clear on how quickly I needed the reinstall - but after seeing their response time to tickets, I thought best to move back to the two old VPS' first.

    Because of all this, I've now had to pay for another month of 2x VPS, 2x cPanel/WHM, and a few other bits. I'm also paying $30 for a reinstall, and of course, the monthly charge for the box.

    Something's not right here.

    I'm unhappy with the service I've been given, and I'm not so sure I want to stay wih these guys. I've requested a refund for the OS installation cost - only fair after they've not completed it within 32+ hrs.

    I posted this on the open support issue with ManageMyServices, with a 30min window to comment.
    They did not respond.
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    i Have been with managemybox almost a year and i have no problem such as you telling maybe you just unlucky they respon maybe bit slow but they always solved my problem
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    I am looking into this, if this is indeed a hardware issue we will of course refund the restore fee. Obviously something is not right if the server is loaded after tailing a few logs....will update your ticket momentarily.
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.
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    Thanks very much, Nick.

    I look forward for a response that makes me happy
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    Some updates..

    Nick, as promised, commented on the ticket:

    27-02-2008 13:00 Will get back to you in a few minustes after investigation, moving to management queue.
    An hour later:

    27-02-2008 14:03 Okay I need to speak to the technician dealing with this, we will then stress test the machine to ensure it operates as expected before handing it back to you.

    You will be refunded the $30 for the reload in this case.
    Sweet, this sounds like I'm getting the reinstall cost refunded to me.

    Six hours after previous response:

    27-02-2008 20:03 ok all done.

    Just give it a few minutes to come back up, I just rebooted so it can come up in the new kernel.

    Sorry for the delay but we tried swapping boxes and drives and still had problems with it so we have upgraded this machine to a sempron 3000
    Nothing heard since. No talk of refund, but I guess the modest upgrade takes care of that. Fair enough.

    Now, because I've had to pay another month with all existing services (due to the delays here), I'm not going to rush anything. So I make sure that they're all happy with what Tom @ Maxim Support will be doing... But first, this comes through from their monitoring:

    26-02-2008 04:15 This is a monitoring alert for server - Service 80 (HTTP) is currently down. Please investigate!
    I leave that alone as their automated response to their automated message is they'll fix it within 30min.

    Note that this happened over 24hrs before I even did anything on the box other than checking 'top' and 'uptime'.

    So I go tell them about Tom:

    28-02-2008 17:34 I have hired Tom from to do the job, as he comes very highly recommended on WebHostingTalk's forums.

    He will be installing the following software:

    Their reply:

    28-02-2008 17:47 that should be fine, none of those will effect the server operation itself
    All sounds good....


    28-02-2008 22:46 I have had Tom from Maxim Support working on the server to install the software mentioned in ticket xxxxx.

    It appears that Apache does NOT have PHP installed.


    What on earth is going on here, why was this server delivered this time without crucial software sorted?

    Please confirm, fix (if required), and explain.

    Their reply:

    28-02-2008 23:13 hmm not sure how that happened, it was installed by cpanel and we recompiled it to add things you'll need.

    Not sure how apache went missing but adding it back in now.
    And then a second reply from them:

    28-02-2008 23:48 apache/php is installed, however no idea how it will behave now, your guy recompiled it via WHM so not sure what exactly he did or was trying to do.

    But should work now at least.
    WTF? A recompile? Why in the hell would someone installing software and adding an extension to PHP.ini need to do more than a restart of httpd?

    So I go to Tom and confirm (as I suspected) that neither of us have recompiled apache, neither by WHM or console.

    Hmmm. Actually, the only thing I've done in WHM since the reinstall is change the root password temporarily for Tom to access it!

    So I reply:

    29-02-2008 10:21 Neither myself or 'my guy' have recompiled Apache.

    Where on earth did you get that from?

    In fact, Tom didn't touch cPanel OR WHM, and all I've done is login to change the root password temporarily for the purposes of him accessing the server. Related to Apache, all that he did was add to the php.ini file and RESTART apache.

    Please explain, IN FULL, your reasoning behind pointing blame at a recompile, especially at a 3rd party.

    maybe this could shed some light on the issue:

    your ticket number xxxxx

    apache noted down @ 26-02-2008 04:15

    i ddin't receive an alert (from yourselves, via email) showing it was back up until 29-02-2008 00:15:02

    WTF???! Again!!!

    Do these guys actually have a clue what they're doing? I mean, I know for the price, I'm not going to get *much* "managed support" from them, but I'd have at least thought they'd be able to do something more constructive than just go and blame someone else, for no logical reason.

    I'm venting again on here because I'm deeply unsatisfied with this service now, and I honestly can't believe I'm the only one to have received service like this.

    If I am, why?

    Should I just hire someone like and take managemybox's 'support' completely out of the equation?

    Right now, I'm so fuming with this whole situation, I don't just want the refund for the reinstall, I want the first bloody month free.

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    All customers are given my personal contact e-mail in their initial welcome e-mail. If you are unhappy with a specific issue or response just send it my way and it can be sorted out.
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.
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    I will email you now.
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    I am actually looking into this again now anyway, it's just easier for me to find issue numbers etc if they are sent to me...
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.
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    I think this should be handled between emails, as it just seems to be between you two in this thread anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark L View Post
    I think this should be handled between emails, as it just seems to be between you two in this thread anyway.
    Agreed. Thread closed.
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