Looking for some input on several items I have for hosting a small club website with low volume sales requirements.

In past ventures, I have been personally involved in the process of website setup but always relied on experienced others, to include paid professionals, to handle all my final hosting/website needs.

As I move into semi-retirement I would like to start several small websites - on my own - and see how this process really operates. I always have Plan B to fall back on and use the same people as I have before, so I really have nothing to lose at this point. I apologize for the length of this post and will appreciate any input - good or bad.

The club is designed to allow "group buys" of a specific type product which the membership will enjoy a substantial discount and I will make a small profit for my time. The site will have a intro page with password protected pages beyond the intro. The vendor website will be accessed by a link and the members will chose products and return to the club website and complete an order. Once the order is confirmed by the club an invoice# will be generated and placed in the "store" section of the club website and the member will then pay for it through a 3rd party service. A membership dues will also be paid through the same gateway. Projected membership dues will cover the hosting and payment services except a portion of transaction costs will be absorbed through my profit intake.

Here is the current plan:
1) Register domain at namecheap for 2 years with "protect service" (I have used register.com for years and thought I would give another a shot)

2) Hosting provided by Futurequest, or Pair, or Medialayer - in that order - ???

3) Payment service will be either PayPal for everything or cdgcommerce.com with a PayPal button only. any others ????

4) Anything else I'm missing?