post here about the hosts you've had and what kind of experiences you've had with them.

1st host:
time there: less than a month
experience: very bad, i think the name says it all. i took me three months to get a refund and only after i threatened to contact authorities.

2nd host:
time there: 1 year
experience: they're alright, but i had to switch after they doubled their price and they only added more space to your account for it. they don't support any bbs programs and charge you for simple little things like mx records changes.

3rd host:
time there: 5 months - current host
experience: very good at first but now slow...lots of downtime, my first few encounters with support were not good. they claimed they had reports of me spamming and shutdown my account. when i contested it and asked to see the reports, they turned it back on immediately and said they would send me the reports...i have yet to see any. stuck with them 'cuz i paid for a whole year...