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    UK Credit Card Processing

    I need a Gateway Credit card processor. I think I will need to process 2-5 transactions daily. I want a cheapish option, but I want something that integrates with my website, So it looks and feels like my website, can someone recomend any?

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    the only one I can recommend is worldpay

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    If you have an Internet Merchant Account already, use Protx..

    We do allot of Protx integration for several customers, they even support 3DSecure (visa/mastcard auth)

    WorldPay are ok but your redirected to their website and the only way you can do autobilling is with WorldPay invisable which is quite difficult to get and is very expensive..

    You could also look at PayPal UK Pro which is something we've just rolled out as our internal payment processor... Its a little difficult to develop against, but once you've figured out how it works its actually not too bad.. We've written it into our Control Panel and use it for AutoBilling/Recurring Transactions.
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    Protx I'd recommend

    Worldpay are a bit expenasive for new firms

    Failing that Paypal payments pro

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    If you want a quick and cheap solution that works, then I would go with 2Co, and built up some history, once this is done then go with for instant ProtX, Barclays or some of the other suggested banks.

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    I don't have a merchant account at the moment.

    What do you lot think 2checkout or nochecx?

    and what is Paypal pro, I have a paypal premium account.

    I don't need a major integration. I do not run a cart, I sell just 1 item at a time. with total of 6 items to sell.

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    ProtX looks good, but do I have to have a merchant account to use them?

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    worldpay / aletrpay both are good options

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    paypal payments pro is paypals commercial solution. its just like any other credit processor, virtual terminal etc

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    you can try Nochex merchant account, prefer the PayPal Pro
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