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    Looking for a better web server... High traffic

    I run an internet radio station/online community and I'm looking for a better solution to host my website. In a nutshell, the bulk of my server load comes from the following:
    1. Three Now-playing scripts that refresh (on average) every 3 mins. During peak hours, we have anywhere from 130 to 160 concurrent listeners logged in at the same time.

    2. Now-playing Sig graphics that dynamically show the currently playing song. These .png files that are hosted on my server are on different websites, myspace pages, email signatures, and forum posts. It's Viral.

    We've been growing a lot lately and I'm noticing the website server (VPS) shutting down atleast once a day due to limited resource I'm looking for a better solution here.

    We're currently paying $45 for our VPS (grandfathered in from years ago) and think it's a pretty good deal. but now's the time to upgrade.

    Here are the current specs for the VPS:
    Here are your current specs
    Centos 4
    Equal share CPU
    1GB Burst RAM
    384MB RAM guaranteed
    10GB Disk Space
    150GB Monthly Transfer
    2 IP numbers
    Power Panel
    cPanel/WHM (latest edition)
    Fantastico De-Luxe
    Your own name servers
    Unlimited domains

    The node that my VPS is on has the following CPU specs:
    4 x Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 265
    running at 1800mhz
    Total of 8 cores.

    But theres no telling how many other VPS accounts are on that node. They won't tell me.

    So I'm saying all that to say, This current configuration is not working for me due to resource limitations and I'd like to know:

    How much better I can get for around $70/month???

    Preferrably Dedicated Server wise but I'll look at VPS options if they have the resources to fit my needs.

    Thanks for listening (reading).

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    For $70 a month you will probably have to stick with a VPS solution. Most likely you can get a better VPS for $70/mo than the one you currently have. If you were to get a dedicated server where you are the ONLY one on it, you can expect to pay at least $140/mo for a good one. I know there are a lot of company's in this forum that provide VPS services, but I can't name any off the top of my head. - DME Hosting LLC | Servers, KVM/OpenVZ VPS's, Email Hosting, Web Hosting

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