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    Advertisers wanted!!!

    Setting up and displaying your link for members to visit is fast and simple. We charge $1.99 per 100 member visits and each visit will last at least 30 seconds. Outside visits are unlimited and included within the price. Bigger packages are given at discounted rates. You do not need an account to order, simply fill out the form and pay the fee. We will review your website and will have it active within 24 hours. We will not accept websites that promote adult content or illegal activity or sites that use frame breakers. This is classified as "un-targeted advertising" because it is available to be visited by all members. Furthermore, one of the greatest benefits of advertising with is if your ad stays active for a long enough time, it will be picked up by search engines like Google and will give your site an extremely high page rank because you are linked from a high traffic website!

    1st 10 Advertisers will get their orders doubled!

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    not found

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    The index page is there, just not the advertising page. I am curious how much PR would actually pass from a PR0 site lol
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    the script has changed so just go to the store page.
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    any review copy ?

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