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    Exclamation Case SeNsItIvE Hosting


    I'm new to hosting. I heard that some servers are case senstive while other are not.

    I'm assuming that Unix and Linux servers are case sensitive, while Windows servers are not.

    Also, why are Unix hosting so much cheaper than windows. If there is a link that anyone can send me, I'd appreciate it.



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    This article might help regarding the price question.

    Basically, it is because Windows is not a free operating system, where as Linux/Unix is.

    Good luck in your search for a host

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    You are correct in assuming that unix is case sensative, while windows is not.

    The main contributing factory as to why unix/linux based hosting is cheaper, is because most of the software that is used to operate the hosting business is open source / free, while windows based solutions carry a price tag.

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    I appreciate the help.


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