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    * .de server, not very powerful, but need specific space and bandwidth

    Feels like everytime i post here its for the same thing, But I am once again looking for a .de server.

    It doesn't have to be that powerful, But bandwidth, or good "umetered" that will allow up to what I need and space is a must.

    Been browsing for a few days, checking the offers forum and various providers, keyweb, hetzner, netdirekt, exportal, server4you. And I am considering my options, but was wondering if anybody has any other recommendations?

    Looking for...

    - Intel Celeron 1.5 - 2ghz or amd equivilent
    - 512 - 1gb RAM (doesn't have to be fast ram by any means)
    - 2x120gb HDD or more (no RAID at all)
    - 1.5tb bandwidth atleast (this where the problem lies it seems, people cannot lower their bandwidth in their custom quote, which I find quite odd)
    - 2 or more IP Addresses.
    - Operating System: Debian 4 (Etch) Minimal Install
    Budget is around 50 - 75euros per month

    Needs to have good connectivity to UK, for Example with my current provider I can easily get 30ms ping over 12hops.

    The server has to be totally unmanaged (not that I wouldn't welcome help, but its not very often I need it, and google is better than somebody you don't wholy trust poking around with custom compiled configurations).

    Is there any other companies in germany or surrounding countrys (switzerland possibly Austria) apart from those that I have mentioned, that offer this as standard or a good with custom quotes?

    A setup fee is kind of a problem, especially if I don't know the company that well.

    I can read german very well, just not speak it lol.

    Thanks for any responses in advance

    - Friedcpu.
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