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    outsurcing 24/7 ticket/livechat/phone support for my smal hosting company


    first of all - i hope i have posted this in the correct forum :-)

    we are running an smal hosting company who have about 100 web hosting windows/linux and vps hosting customers - now we have planed to start massive advertising our services - and bevore that we need an company (or maybe also single workers) who takes care about:

    - 24/7 LiveChat / phonesupport (we have an 0800 number routed to an skype account) and support tickets in our hsphere system.

    at this time we have about 2 livechat requests a day and one support-ticket (1st level only, second and 3rd level is done by us over ticket) each 2 days and also one phone call each 2 days - but that can massively increase up to 50 or 100 a day.

    if anybody cann offer this kind of service for cheap but quality high please contact me at webmaster (at)

    oh - and we use hsphere as our hosting software


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    Hello csm,

    Did you already fine someone who can take care of your server? We are a company based in Kolkata, India who can offer 24 X 7 Live chat/ ticket support. I am sorry to say that we donot have the infrastructure of phone support at the moment.

    We can give support of any level ( L1 - L3 ). If you are interested and have not hired someone already, I am sure we can offer the best price for each tech you need.

    You can mail me at [email protected] .

    Thank you!


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    Email sent, please check.

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    Email sent with details please check.I am online at the moment

    MSN - [email protected]
    yahoo - [email protected]
    Gtalk - [email protected]

    Please check.

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    Email sent. Please check your inbox
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    Email Sent .

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    If your not looking for Indians or Filipinos, then I would highly recommend

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    Have you finalized or still looking ?
    Support Facility | Your 24/7 outsourcing partner!
    Technical support | Server management
    Fantabulous hosting technical support

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    Please, feel free to contact us via Ask Expert on our website and speak to our representatives.

    Alternatively, we're also available for IM through the following means.
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: onliveglobal


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    We've sent you a email with detailed info.

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    thanks for all emails!
    i will answer each message to me in the next week

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