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    Question HELP ME::: Transfer a domain to another "account" not another registrant

    I recently registered a domain for me through my friend, using his n4me account. I did this because he was having a paypal account, so that i can make the payment on the spot.

    The problem is:
    As he registered the domain with his account, he is the only one with control panel access for that domain. So he can only change the name servers and all...

    So iam stuck up here, with a domain registered for me, but without having access to it.
    Does anyone know "How to transfer this domain to 'my' n4me account??? Please, help me.... somebody....
    Note: I have send mails to [email protected] (support from n4me) but i get "failure delivery" notification all the time...

    THANKS in advance.....

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    You need to create an account with the same company, then you need to go into your control panel and click on Transfer Domain, then enter the domain you wish to transfer.

    In the next 72 hours it should ask him in his control panel weather he wished to accept the domains transfer, it should then produce and code which you will have to enter in your control panel.

    Then around 48 hours later your domain should be avaliable in your control panel, this is just a ruff guide and depends on exactly how the certain company works, do they not have a ticket or support system? Or is it email support only?

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    they seems to be using OrderBox system.
    There is an option in OrderBox system to transfer domain between users check for this.
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    Your problem seems to be different one because you have a domain but you cannot use it as you wish right?. I dont think anyone makes a domain name through a friend's paypal account.

    Have you had any problem with your friend now?.If not, What was his opinion about changing domain.
    DId you contact n4me through phone or live chat?.Their mailing system may have got some problem. So try again. They should give you the solution.

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    Well, i think the suggestion from ZX-Ashley is to transfer the domain to me, iam afraid that "costs" me something right...?
    To mr.apsivam.... Ya, n4me is using an orderbox system, but i cannot find an option to transfer domains between users....
    I cannot get to them through phone, i dont find any live chat services... and iam still not able to send mails to them...

    ......SOMEBODY WITH n4me ACCOUNT HERE ?????? ...........

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    Thumbs up I GOT IT DONE....

    HI all,
    I got my problem solved... n4me had an option of "MOVE SERVICES" in my friend's control panel. After that, just had to enter my "CUSTOMER ID" and "CUSTOMER NAME".... BANG... I had the control panel transfered into my account....
    I thank each and everyone who replied to my post....

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    Good to know you sorted the problem out, without having to pay any extra aswell.

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