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    Cheap or Expensive?

    Hey ladies and gentlemen,

    I'm an entrepreneur and looking forward to risk some money to start a social network (obviously, much different from what is there at the moment) and I expect to have large amounts of visits/hits per day. When/if that happens, I want to make sure that I don't end up transferring to another host, possibly closing down the site for some time.

    The question: is $4.99 is the same thing as $9.99 per month, even though they "seem" have same features that I need? I'm looking at this site,, and it seems like a good resource, but then, I don't know.

    This is the first time I'll be buying hosting service and I would appreciate all your opinions and advises.

    Thanks in advance,

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    1) Horrible idea to go to those kinds of websites because 99.99% of time, they just rank it so the top affliate payout is at at #1.

    Look at some reviews of startlogic here, their not pretty.

    2) You really don't need all those bandwidth/space, trust me, you really don't.

    3) just look around this section of the forum for a host with positive reviews.

    I recommand, HawkHost, SteadFast, MediaLayer, and downtownhost.

    All of the Owners (methinks their the owners) are presently very active in this forum.
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    Search the forum. 40Sixty, lets not put out other websites down. I tend to agree with your point, but lets keep it little private as there may be one or two good ones. There is no best host actually, its left on which hosts fits your need.

    Don't Go for Overselling companies. They may look good initially but would let you down when you need the most uptime and support.

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    I would say yes, there is probably a difference. Some companies raise prices just to raise prices. Other companies have higher prices because they put fewer clients on each server. It does depend on the company.
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    unfortunately as with most things its trial and error you could go for one of the more expensive companies and find their support is utter poo and then you could go with a smaller firm that has excellent support

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    1500GB of webspace? hmmmmm...

    How about start off with say 1gb of space and 10gb of bandwitdh? I am sure you will be able to find a reasonably priced host with a reasonable/good service. And then move on from there.

    Then study the traffic you are receiving on a daily/weekly basis. As soon as its increasing at a very fast rate, talk to your host and discuss about possible upgrade path you can take. Some host also do offer larger shared hosting account than the one you are on or even dedicated.

    Good luck with your new venture and let us know which how you end up going with.

    PS. As mentioned Biju, there is no best host, there is just host that suits your needs and budget.

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    I think that you shouldn't concentrate on the one web site likr the one you have mentoied
    #1 Learn about overselling and hardware web hosting providers use for providing web hosting service to understand things better.
    #2 Try to find reviews on certain web hosting provider from REAL customer.
    #3 Try to complete list of compaies and consider them instead of considering one
    In this way I'm more then sure you will be able to find decent one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vladtess View Post
    Hey ladies and gentlemen,

    I'm an entrepreneur and looking forward to risk some money to start a social network (obviously, much different from what is there at the moment) and I expect to have large amounts of visits/hits per day. When/if that happens, I want to make sure that I don't end up transferring to another host, possibly closing down the site for some time.

    No offense, but if you are working on a social network, you may start with an account of $4.99 to create the site, but when you really do get visitors you are expecting, you can't stay with ANY shared-hosting provider, and you should move on to Dedicated Server(S).

    Before you go shop for webhosting, i would encourage you to find a technical expert in the hosting field to help you with this part of your idea. Sooner or later you will find out that building the social network software did go wrong because you did not look correctly to the scalability of your software and hardware platform.

    If you just want to experiment on the idea of running your own social network you may be happy with a smaller host and a shared-hosting package to start things up.

    Good luck in finding the right host for your business.
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    If your attempting to start a Large Social Network then you will want to start at a VPS, the main reason will be due to the easability of scaling up to a Dedicated Server/'s.

    No shared host will last long when running a Social Network due to the low limits of CPU and Ram Usuage, this is why to get a Social Network running you need to put in a medium/large amount of money.

    Your looking at around about $30-$40 for a VPS per a month to get your site going, plus the money for the design and coding of the site(except if your custom codding).

    Good Luck,

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    You won't need a dedicated server to start with. A shared host is perfect to start, but you need to be careful to pick one. You need to do a good homework before you make a decision.

    Its often said that you will get for what you pay. So make sure that you are not going for a cheap deal. Also, don't go for something that offers 10 or 100 times that you need. You will see massive oversellers who offers a few TB or a few hundred GB's of disk space for a few $$. Keep in mind that when you go for a cheaper option, you will be compromising on something else and in most cases it will eb quality or reliability.

    So start with a shared host, but with a good company. Do some search here and you will be able to find some names. Try finding reviews about them.

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    honestly.. I don't get these create a social networking site with such a small investment of under 10 dollars. Why not a little more and go with a VPS (20-30) which is more viable and with more options to install stuff (such as ruby if you need to) and so on.

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    Thumbs up Thank you all

    Thank you guys very very much for your replies. While I will research more, I am thinking of getting shared hosting from a company that also provides dedicated/VSP services, so in case of increased traffic, I will be able to communicate with the provider and move on to dedicated.

    Thanks again to all of you!

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