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    Video sharing site


    I am planning to start a specialized (Flash) video sharing site.

    I am trying to figer out what kind of hardware and bandwidth I will need. So my question is:

    In 2006 YouTube was serving 100 million videos per day. They paid $1 million in bandwidth and hardware for this.

    Of course I will never get that amount of traffic, but these are nice round figures so I can calculate a percentage.

    What kind of hardware + bandwidth would these 100 million videos need per day? And in 2008, has it become less expensive then $1 million?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You may want to take a look here:

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    Its best not to really expect to 'hit the ground running' its going to take a while to get a good amount of traffic.

    You may want to go with a shared bandwidth provider to start off with, before actually getting your own dedicated bandwidth.

    I recommend doing a tremendous amount of research before actually going through with this 'business plan'

    Best of luck!
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    You got to start small. So do u calculation with respect of videos that are being served everyday. Don't rush into getting a dedicated bandwidth yet, start with shared bandwidht. Good luck!

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    CaroNet-Rob: thanks for the link, a lot has become clear.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan - Limestone View Post
    I recommend doing a tremendous amount of research before actually going through with this 'business plan'
    'business plan' between quotation marks

    mehboobashraf: good idea.

    One last question: has bandwidth become less expensive since 2006 and if so, is this a trend you expect to continue?
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    More than likely you can start out with shared hosting and work your way up. We have many, many clients currently using our service for their video site, using scripts such as phpmotion and clip-share which tend to be the most common.

    Bandwidth and disk space usage is very small for most video sharing sites created from individuals or small businesses.

    So my recommendation to you, start small and work your way up as there is no way your going to be using large amounts of disk space or bandwidth within your first 1-2 months.

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    Well there if there is a bandwidth price reduction I am sure ur hoster will also reduce his pricing or maybe give you a hardware upgrade. So dont worry about that. The market is very compatative now so you will get a good deal now and also later on as time goes by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wimkerk View Post
    One last question: has bandwidth become less expensive since 2006 and if so, is this a trend you expect to continue?
    Bandwidth prices, at least on the low-cost end, have stabilized a bit now. You may see them come down slightly over the near term but I wouldn't base your operating cost projections on it. Nobody can really say what things will look like, say, 5 years from now.

    With video serving, disk transactions are the key. You won't need it just starting out, but eventually you'll want some type of RAID storage. If you start on shared or VPS you will eventually want to move to dedicated if the site grows. If you decide to start on dedicated then consider asking the hosting provider to make sure the server is easily upgradeable to RAID.
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    * operating system

    hi!! webhostingtalk good pm to you...

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    I run such a website.

    What I have done is made it so I can use "inexpensive" servers with 100mbs unmetered connection whereever I can find them. I stick flash media server on it and using some webservices im able to intergrate it with our main website and keep it all tied in.

    Generally on a Core2Duo, 2GB Ram job with Flash Media Server running you cant really get over 20Mbs without FMS giving up the ghost and restarting

    So maybe cheaper machines on 10mbs unmetered might be the way to go.

    What I also find is the CPU usage isnt very high but FMS still dies every so often and automatically restarts

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    Ok, more good advice.
    Thanks everyone.

    djorgensen: thanks for sharing this practical info. It will help me a lot when I select my server(s).

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