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    ★ - Single Domain Hosting ★

    Tired of hosts that let you down? Oversold webspace and a slow performance? Sick of those hosts who haven't got a clue what to do? Look no further! Earners Host is here to help!

    Unsure about signing up? Listen to what our customers have to say, even some of them are people on this forum

    Latest Uptime Report

    From: Feb 18 2008 12:00 AM (GMT +1:00)
    To: Feb 25 2008 12:00 AM (GMT +1:00)

    1. Earners Host
    - uptime: 100.000%
    - downtime: 00min
    - outage: 0
    STARTER Plan

    • $4.95 p/month
    • $59.40 p/year
    • $100 p/2years (Introductory Price)
    • Diskspace: 700MB
    • Bandwidth: 16GB
    • MySQL Databases: 1
    • E-Mail Addresses, Forwaders: 3
    • Subdomains: 1
    • Free Setup

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    BASIC Plan

    • $8.95 p/month
    • $107.40 p/year
    • $196.90 p/2years (2 months free)
    • Diskspace: 1500MB
    • Bandwidth: 30GB
    • MySQL Databases: 5
    • E-Mail Addresses, Forwarders: 5
    • Subdomains: 4
    • Free Setup

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    • $13.95 p/month
    • $167.40 p/year
    • $306.90 p/2years (2 months free)
    • Diskspace: 3000MB
    • Bandwidth: 55GB
    • MySQL Databases: 12
    • Email Addresses, Forwarders: 12
    • Subdomains: 8
    • Free Setup

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    • $16.95 p/month
    • $203.40 p/year
    • $372.90 p/2years
    • Diskspace: 5500MB
    • Bandwidth: 75GB
    • MySQL Databases: Unlimited
    • Email Addresses, Forwarders: Unlimited
    • Subdomains: Unlimited
    • Free Setup

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    If you have any questions please talk to us on live chat or email us [email protected] or visit (just launched!)

    We also do resellers; check out this link for more info. PM me or reply to ask how to order these.

    Customer Testimonials:

    I was a customer of a different large hosting company for over 24 invoices.
    I encountered problems with that host and wanted to find hosting elsewhere whilst upgrading what I currently had for hosting.

    Coming acrossed Earners Host it seemed as though they had what I wanted. I went to Jamie (EH Owner) and expressed my interest. Jamie took me under his wing and guided me through the whole transition to Earners Host.

    Timely, very friendly, reliable, technically savvy sums up this company in just one line.

    I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a new host or are looking for a host that will go beyond what their current host provides -- in service quality.

    Jeff Andersen
    First of all, I must mention the following. I've been with many webhosting companies over the past 6 years. Roughly 6 including EH. 4 out of these 6 webhosts turned out to be nightmares. EH however has been wonderful so far, with zero complaints. I'm yet to notice any downtime. Invoices get sent on time, leaving me enough time to pay them. Support is extremely fast, if I need something turning on in server configuration or if I have a simple question. Swift responce with the answer I want to hear.

    Prices are very fair. Glad EH does not oversell like 99.9% of the other webhosts out there (that % was not researched but that what it usually looks like!!).

    Thumbs up so far, hope to stay with EH for a long time to come.
    Rating: 10/10!
    Time hosted with EH 6 months

    First thing first eh? The hosting from EH is first class. It is quick and all ways seems to be online. I have been with a fair few hosts in the past, and none have had such good uptime.

    There's support, and then there's support! EarnersHost have amazing support. Of course, there's not been much to request support for, but when I have needed to they have always been informative, polite and for once actually DO help you! There always seems to be someone there: I remember asking Jamie, the owner, about it, and he said even he was on emails on the time (via his blackberry)! Even equipped with a support forum and ticket system, their support is first class. No worries there...

    I confess. I am a bargain hunter, but I am also a perfectionist. I looked high and low for the best VALUE hosting, that is the cheapest hosting which works perfectly. Starting at $5 for shared hosting and only $8 ($8!!) for reseller hosting, EH will leave you with money to spare! You will be giving it away! The prices are well set, and with such high specs no one should be with another host!

    The Website
    Okay, Okay, I know the website shouldn't make that much of a difference when considering hosting. But I am a designer, and like most people, I like well presented websites which fundamentally work. It is aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to navigate. Everything is laid out in places where they should be.

    My Testimonial
    I have been with EarnersHost for 6 months now, and I have not looked back since I sent my first payment. Great hosting coupled with great prices is hard to come by nowadays, but EarnersHost is the perfect solution! The only trouble is that the owner is TOO sexy!

    Hope this helps for anybody who is looking for hosting


    Thank you for considering using EarnersHost Have a nice day.
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