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    Question How do i get more traffic?

    How do i get more traffic to my forum...??? Any suggestions? <<snipped>>
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    this is a classic question...... adwords, advertising in forums, spam(lol). It depends on what type of website you have, and what do you want to get. People to buy stuff, or people signing up, etc.

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    You know, trial and error is a good start, and to be honest the people who have figured out the best ways to get traffic aren't likely to share it on a public forum.

    And like osphere said, it depends on what your forum topic or sales are about.
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    Participate more in similar niched forum and blogs - free ways you could opt for. Remember that being insightful and helpful in your posts is how you really draw attention to your sig files - Internet Marketing and SEO

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    but first... in your case... you need to put your site in your sig

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    all good tips.

    ask your self this how did you find this site , could be advertised, some link you clicked on or did you find it through the likes of Google,

    always ask yourself these questions and it will come to you,

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    thankx guys for our tips...

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    The possibilities and solutions are endless. The more creative you are, the more traffic you'll get. I start using T-shirt to promote a special website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zionchild View Post
    The possibilities and solutions are endless.
    Here is one of them!

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    I think you can Go for SEO, SMO and SEM activities for get more traffic.

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    Try to sending your links to bookmarking websites. I recommend you bookmark on and a new born baby

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    use adwords and msn pay click
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    Get rankings in SE for your main keywords

    This is the best traffic

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    google ads is best for trafic and make money

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    Thanks one more time... you guys are 5 stars!!! :p

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    Traffic goes where they find something interesting ... make your forum resource to learn something ... you will get traffic automatically !!

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    Start a few blogs (on different C's) and talk about your forum on them.

    Works like a champ.

    Another (more expensive) option is to offer prizes in monthly drawings (Amazon and Visa gift cards). There are plenty of sweepstakes sites out there that will link to you. We got over 3,000 members in a year with that method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elitewebs View Post
    Traffic goes where they find something interesting ... make your forum resource to learn something ... you will get traffic automatically !!

    The important part of that statement is the word "find". If your content is not either ranked well in search engines it's not very likely that your potential traffic will find it, thus it's really not automatic at all.

    Yes I know all about traffic from directories, blogs etc but how many times when you want to find something do you go to one of these sources?
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