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    Looking to pay for a Website Layout

    I know this is a web hosting forum, but since I am a reseller and have a client looking to utilize my services after they get a website designed, I thought I would try this forum.

    I have a potential client who has a car detailing and window tinting shop that is looking for a web site design. All I need is some type of basic page layout incorporating their logo (which I am including).

    I am not the most creative person in the world, so I thought I would post this and let the real pros creative juices flow

    I am willing to pay around $30-$50 for the basic layout. I can customize it myself

    I need the following included:

    1) Layout must be cross browser friendly (Netscape & IE)

    2) Logo must be incorporated in the design

    3) Must have headings for 5 pages.

    Im not sure if what I am asking is realistic...I dont have much experience with this

    If you all can PM me or post your results here, I would greatly appreciate it. I have to show each layout to my client and once he decides on the one he likes, I will then be prepared to make payment.

    He is VERY much ready to get moving on this so I should have the final decision made by Monday Aug 19th.

    Thanks in advance for all your help and submissions
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    SiliconBoy, didn't you post a contest a few days ago, under a different nickname for a logo for C1Hosting? And didn't you declare as the winner someone that didn't even participate? I recall also that that person was so startled that he found humor in the fact that he would be receiving a prize for work he never did. Then when all the participants asked questions, you failed to show up and totally disappeared. Also the thread pointed out that it was not the first time you did that - post a contest and run leaving everyone hanging.

    This is a heads-up for anyone that considers participating in your "contest".
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    User is same as allustrious. This name banned. Contest over. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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