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    How can I allow others to point their domains to my nameservers, and access them?

    Man that was a badly worded title. My question is, for example any domain parking program, all you have to do is point your domain nameservers to the nameservers of the parking company. How can I do this for me?

    Sorry if it's worded a bit weird, but I want people to be able to set their nameservers to mine, and that domain would become similar to a parked domain that I'd make through cpanel. Then I'm assuming I can use a little script or mod_rewrite to configure it (for example, would be rewritten to

    1) What are some things/terms/programs I can look into for this?
    2) Is this possible on shared hosting or would I need a dedicated?


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    You mean you need to create custom nameservers for your domain?
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    Not sure - if that means using instead of my host nameservers, then no.

    I mean other people would be able to edit their nameservers and change them to mine, and instantly be able to access my site through their domain.

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    Sounds like you want wildcard dns set up for all domains (not just subdomains), so your nameserver will respond authoritatively for any domain name you give it, with the IP address of your server. Then the server also needs to respond to any hostname request (either a special vhost or just the default settings in httpd.conf). I don't think you'd need mod_rewrite - just read the hostname requested in your PHP program.

    No way you'd be allowed to do this on a shared account - dedicated or vps only.

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    Thanks! Didn't know you could have wildcard domains, I'll look into it when I upgrade.

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