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    I am in the progress of developing the web site. It is a site providing domain name lookup service.

    Any positive input about design and features that you think is appropriate for the site is much appreciated.

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    there are so many whois websites, and many of them are so popular, so good, and offering many useful features and additional info.

    unless you'll offer something special & unique, I can't find any reason to visit, but not

    or maybe a very attractive design will help.

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    ...and online hosting
    hi there!

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    Mostly I am using following sites for check my domains. You can check features of these sites. have extra features which show back links from popular search engines and also show alexa rank. Only one option i want on v3whois is bulk domain check. is a good whois and network whois etc.

    freewho: have down problem from some months. but they have some unique features like domain drop date, current status and also bulk check.

    There are few other but mostly I am using above sites.

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    I would suggest you to make the feature that iwhois-dot-com uses, you can instantly check domain whois by going to:

    iwhois .net/

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    348 would be another choice

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