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    Well, that just blows.....

    I spent several minutes getting my first post "just right" only to see some damned stupid message about not being able to include URLs until you have posted 5 messages.

    Not that that wasn't moronic enough in and of itself, it trashed my message altogether (as far as I can tell). Well, I've removed "hteeteepee://" and added #'s in place of .'s in the sample URLs that I MUST include to show you what I need in a host.

    I wish I didn't have to do that. This is the first (and hopefully last) forum that I have seen place randomly idiotic limits on posting URLs.

    Simply brilliant!

    Here's hoping the forum users are more intelligent than the forum designers. I'll try again...without any scary urls...

    I am looking for a place that I can host many subdomains from a single account. I need ASP.Net 2.0/3.5, PHP, MySQL and SQL Server. I'd like one that is generous with drive space and bandwidth (who wouldn't).

    I need telephone support available 24 hours a day - just in case there is an issue.

    I do have one pet peeve. Let's say I am hosting many domains as subdomains under my account. Let's further assume that one domain is and one is

    Currently, at Brinkster, I'd have in folder root/abc and 123 in root/123. Even redirecting the domains to the proper folder, the address bar URLS always look like www#abc#com/abc/home#htm or www#123#com/123/home#htm. I want them to look like www#abc#com/home#htm and www#123#com/home#htm - without the references to the subfolders that they are actually in on the server.

    If you have any suggestions as to reseller accounts or web hosting accounts that meet these requirements, I would greatly appreciate hearing about them (assuming this fine forum will let you post the URLs).

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    First of all - welcome to WHT

    Yeah its complicated cause you will find all intelligent users [ except me!!! ] here who will be very handy!

    Have you checked the Reseller packages of ResellerZoom yet? You can also use "Find a host" section to place your requirements and within hours you will get generous offers!

    Good luck...
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    Regarding the URL issue, I presume, you will need to use URL Rewriting. Visit: for more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squishyalt View Post
    This is the first (and hopefully last) forum that I have seen place randomly idiotic limits on posting URLs.
    Nothing random or idiotic about it, it keeps those that would join just to spam a link or ten from doing so with their first few posts. It's all explained in the rules you agree to when you sign up. You did read those, didn't you?
    Simply brilliant!
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