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    cloning of container


    What is cloning of containers?

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    Creating an exact copy of another container.

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    Cloning is required only when you are expecting a disaster. But of course depends on what you offer for your customers.

    You usually will not have major downtime, if you are having off site backups "restorable" to any node in your network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thewebhostingdir View Post

    What is cloning of containers?
    It's as said above - creating an exact copy of another container. We regularly perform them when making substantial changes to our servers such as upgrading the hosting platform or OS so we can rollback to the pre-upgrade version in case of problems. If you have a fast disk system it's a quick process and it's very simple to revert to the cloned container if you break the live container. I think cloning is a very useful feature and one the great benefits of virtualisation.
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