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Thread: Domain Porblem!

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    * Domain Porblem!

    what if someone forgets to renew their domian, after how long will it show the domian is free to purchase on

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    Depends... for instance NetSol, has some that they've been holding for years...

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    there si no real rule. For example check or some popular domain names - they are "expired" already but it's up to the registrar how long he keeps the domain name.

    If you check some verisign sites you will see what i mean...


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    the domain was registered on

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    678 is Not nearly as bad as NetSoL - but they also hold onto some domains sometimes. This was discused before with examples. usually has a 30 to 40 day on-hold period, but their support is great and might help you further. is also the best place to make sure you get your domain back as soon as it officialy expires.

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