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    need review for

    hi all
    whats up ?
    plz can u tell me your experience with VPS
    plz tell me about they server bandwidth supports etc etc

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    Karlsruhe, Germany
    40 has a good reputation in Germany.
    The prices are fair and the support is good, too.
    There is 24/7 Email support but sometimes you have to wait many hours before receiving an answer and the answers are not always the best. And not all support members are able to answer you in english.
    - the only offer Suse, Debian and Ubuntu as OS.
    - control panel = only plesk
    - contract duration: 12 month

    But all in all is recommendable. These are only small things I personally donīt like.

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    I do NOT recommend Hosteurope.
    I tried to be a customer there for over 1 year ago.
    They sended me a contract, and i needed to sign to be customer.
    I did not agreed the terms in contract and therefor i did not sign the contract.

    After 3-4 or maybe 5-6 months they started charging me 12,6EUROs, sometimes 14 and 15 euros.
    And i did not get it stopped before they had charged me 180 EURO's.

    They have now stopped it, FINALLY. But they do not offer any refund/compansation.

    I do not recommend hosteurope do any of my customers.

    Dont risk being fraud'ed like i did!

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    I recommend them aswell. They are well known overseas and have a good service. But I never had a VPS there only a shared account.

    Here you can check a toplist of german hosters based on their reviews made on this site. you can compare this site to WHT, cause it is one of the biggest webhosting communites there. So all reviews are checked for fraud.

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    Well, I guess its safer if you do more research on them, just to be sure before actually signing up. =)

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