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    Arrow Best Managed host for these specs?


    I am doing some research and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a provider for one server (1U could be 2U) that had the following:

    Core 2 Duo or other dual core (can be AMD if cheaper)
    MAX RAM 4GB+
    RAID or secure drives
    Automated backup or 3rd party service will do it for me
    Bandwidth could be 2000gb to start with...

    Datacenter doesn't matter but it would be good to have it in California since that's where I live right now.
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    if you cant get a managed hosting plan with those specs you can always get a dedicated server with those specs and get psm to do the management for you.

    managed hosting is getting more popular these days, I would suggest ThePlanet
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    Check out Wiredtree.
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    If Texas is OK have a look around the offers forum for TMS - Tailormadeservers.

    They always have cracking deals on with great reliability. As brilliantfusion said, it may work out cheaper to get an unmanaged server and then purchase management for it.

    PSM/ is a great choice if you are using cPanel.

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    I would suggest, hands down! They are the best server provider I have ever used. Their servers are fast, their support is a 10/10. Anytime you call them you will always get someone to answer the phone, unlike most hosts that have a toll free number.

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    Check the below link and select your host after proper research.
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    What do you want to host on this machine. I'm asking this because posting it you can get better advice from WHT members! I would suggest you to search the WHT on " managed Core 2 Duo", "Managed Core 2 Duo server" and etc. This way you'll be able to compare web hosts and to see waht kind of posting history they have here. If they helped some people on various issues they will probably treat you well as a customer.
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