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    New Files Are a Concern

    Before I begin, I'll mention this is a cPanel/WHM server with about 15 accounts on it.

    I get an e-mail everyday from my server's backup script telling me what new or changed files it found. Yesterday this summary was massive, and it showed new or changed files in these directories:




    The type of files it contains:


    The /home/virtfs directory is something I haven't seen before, and it contained two directories belonging to two accounts on the server.

    Does anyone know why these directories would be created or what they are for? The bit of reading I've done on this so far mentions that these directories will be created as a result of jailed SSH, but neither of those two accounts have ever had jailed SSH enabled.

    Any guidance? I'm just wondering if this is indicative of a security breach.



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    This is normal of backups.

    virtfs - Virtual File System

    As far as I know its just indexing for the disk space stats, however I could be incorrect. ( Check the cpanel forums )
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    virtfs folders will be made when a user login with the jail shell. It is hardlink and deleting them will delete the original file/folders. They can be unmounted as follows.

    cd /home/virtfs
    find . -regex '^.*[^.]' -type d > list
    for i in $(cat list); do umount $i; done
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