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    Terms of Service

    Hey Everyone,

    Hopefully this question belongs in here, if not, please remove it and place it in its proper forum.

    My question is fairly simple (at least I hope), how do I go about creating a Terms of Service?

    This doesnt have to just be for a web hosting website, but for any site that offers a service.

    While we are at it, what about the 'User Agreement'? Are they the same thing? If not, how do I come up with one of those as well?

    Thanks for any help or direction you can give.

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    The best way to go with that would be to get with a lawyer and have examples from other popular companies(do not copy theirs) to make sure you have covered all ends of the TOS

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    Your best bet is to contact a lawyer, Making Flash Tutorials Affordable Again, Always Up For Custom Jobs

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    It depends on how much money you have to spend and how specific it needs to be for your company. The best option is to meet with a lawyer as the above members posted. If this isin't reasonable for you then there are websites that sell general legal documents that can be modified by you to get the correct effect. Just do a search on google for legal documents if this interests you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zildjian2000 View Post
    Your best bet is to contact a lawyer
    Not unless you have a budget upwards of $2,000 to get the job done. That's not something most start up hosts can afford for legal documentation.
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    Isn't there a site that sells templates for about $20?
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    In most cases, with web hosting at least, if you buy a reseller package from a host they usually will not have a problem with you copying their TOS and just editing it with your information. This way your clients get all the TOS info they need, exactly how it needs to be.

    In other markets I assume this would also work, but be sure to contact the service provider to ask them if it's ok that you copy their TOS/AUP.

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    I opened a similar thread and in the end I went with the lawyer option.

    It cost 4000$ in the end for privacy policy, AUP and contract forms. He was really professional, asked tons of questions about my business and products and seemed to do a thorough job. It really seems like the only option if you want to be sure 100% of what you are doing.

    The other good thing is that he also spent a few hours telling me how to structure my business, what to say or not say, etc so it really was money very well spent.

    If you got the cash, do it.

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    $4000 is a massive amount for the TOS and some of the advices! I would never pay it just for the TOS! Period!

    I would rather study the TOS of some of the good hosts who offer similar services and then contact them to ask for their permission regarding the particular clause. If they permit, I would make my own TOS using those points.

    If you check the TOS carefully, almost ALL hosts will have similar or close to similar TOS.
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    Web Hosting is not a business for me, it's a hobby!

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