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    WISP Check - Website For Sale

    I am interested in selling, a website where people can search for a WISP (wireless internet service provider) in their area. The site has hundreds of visitors every month and brings in about $3-$5 in adsense revenue, sometimes more. Here are the website stats:

    October 2007 - 137 Unique Visitors
    November 2007 - 261 Unique Visitors
    December 2007 - 535 Unique Visitors
    January 2008 - 406 Unique Visitors
    February 2008 (As Of Feb 23) - 321 Unique Visitors

    Please PM me an offer if you are interested.

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    Also, so everyone knows, I have not done any "mass mailings" or promotions, this is all search engine traffic, I have been tweaking it for the last several months.

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