URL: www.meganzb.com (+ optional: www.nzb.com.es)
Fully developed site.
Age site (months): 9 months
- Google: 2
- Alexa: 609,812 (3 months), 392,961 (1 week)

Short description: Usenet / newsgroup search engine and indexer. Generates NZB files from found results and combines files and makes collections. Fully in PHP, html, javascript, dhtml and ajax. Currently has a 70GB+ SQL database with over 700 mil. records with fast search times.

Current Revenue +/- 30,- monthly with Google Adsense & AdBrite combined in own OpenAds setup.

Unique vistors: 650-700 (Daily)

Asking price: €2500,-
Offers open from: € 1000,-

Payments by PayPal.