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    Site Delux on Startlogic - Help with Multiple Domains


    I am using Site Delux on Startlogic for website design. While I like the program, there is no way to tell it WHERE to publish, with the exception of a control panel setting which IGNORES which subfolder the domain is pointed to.

    All is fine for one site, however I added another domain to my account and pointed it to it's own subdirectory.

    With this program, through the control panel it looks as even with the domain pointed, if you select any domain it publishes in the main public_html folder.

    However, if you leave the chooser not selected, it publishes to <yoursite>, which equals the main public_html folder.. which works out because it DOES let you add a / name at the end which puts the index file in the correct place for the OTHER domain (<yoursite><other domain>.

    However it DOESN'T work out because although it puts the INDEX file in the proper folder.. the content is put in the main folder for sitebuilder, and the code points to that!

    If anyone has had experience with SIteDelux please let me know... I like the ease of features as I am not an html'er... but if this program would just let you select a place to publish instead of going on a setting in the control panel which ignores the place it was pointed it would be alot easier!

    Thanks for your help!


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    I have no idea how the program works but if you can save the HTML files in your computer, simply use one of the many free FTP programs available and publish to whatever directory you wish. Just Google free FTP programs and you'll get many choices.
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    Startlogic has some MAJOR isses.

    My phpbb went offline.

    After waiting on chat I got them on there and they fixed it which was good.

    At night, After going to Site Delux, It disappeard again

    So now I am in chat again.

    I never had issues like this

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    Really weird. Report it to the bug section.

    They usually fix everything quickly. I had a similar issue before...

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