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    Looking for a very reliable host

    Let me just say that I am not very fond of NetFirms right now (their own site nor mine loads right now). I am looking for a domain and hosting provider that's reliable that provides the following features:

    Latest version of PHP (and will upgrade their servers within 6 months of a newer PHP version being released)
    Has GD 2 with FreeType support
    Has at least 100GB of storage with at least 500 GB of bandwidth (my site uses a lot of resource-hogging scripts - ex. image generator)
    Able to put my own ads up without penalty
    Can make multiple MySQL databases without any extra cost
    Is under $40/month
    Extra free domain under one account
    24/7 Live customer support

    I probably have more features that I need, but those are the critical ones. If you can recommend me a host that meets all of the items above, I'll be grateful.

    Also, I'm looking at a host called SiteGround. Has anyone used that host before? If so, how reliable is it?

    Thank you.

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    Web hosting may not be your thing. I think you should try a VPS or dedicated server. But I think you can get a descent VPS with those specs and price range at

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    Greetings John010

    Just a few suggestions:
    1) Don't register your domain name with the same company you host with. Use a domain registrar for the actual domain name and find a quality hosting company.
    2) 100GB of storage will be problematic in shared hosting, this will remove alot of quality companies from your potential list.
    3) Ads won't be a problem on most hosting
    4) PHP5, mySQL, multiple domains and <$40 should be easy enough to get quality hosting but I'm not sure about the 100GB. 24/7 customer support is easy, LIVE chat support will be more difficult.

    Good luck in your search.
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    Ok, thanks for your opinions. I appreciate it.

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    "100GB of storage with at least 500 GB of bandwidth". I don't think you will get it from a shared hosting. May be you will get 24x7 technical support. But not sure. I would suggest you to select a dedicated server . I think it will be more better for you. In case if you have any problem in your server ,you can manually solve it.
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    If you really need that much disk space, I guess it is time to look for a VPS. I believe that you will be able to find a VPS within that budget.
    For that much disk space, you will probably fall into some oversellers, and will never get that quality service.
    r you can look at semidedicated plans offered by some hosts. That will also give you more computing powers but don't have to bother about management part.

    By the way, Netfirms seems to be up now.
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    I agree with the original posters. You most likely will need a VPS in this case and for your budget of under $40 per month it appears that you have quite the amount of options.

    Some great companies in my experience that have good VPS servers that I would recommend are:

    Spry, VistaPages, Infinitie Networks, BlueFur

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    I think you need a low-end dedicated server for your 100GB Disk space + 500 GB bandwidth + resource-intensive scripts.
    You may need raise your budget to around $60 to find one.

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