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    Question Number of nameservers - error DNS Report


    When I test my domains for dns report I get fellowing errors.

    1)Number of nameservers

    You must have at least 2 nameservers (RFC2182 section 5 recommends at least 3 nameservers), and preferably no more than 7.

    I already have two name server that I got with my dedicated server.

    How do I set up addition name server using whm



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    Wait at least few hours to get changes propagated. Every new Nameserver will take one IP, so if you want more then look that you already have spare IPs.

    2 name servers are fine.

    If you are new to WHM, google "whm setup step by step" you will get lots of tutorials.

    Adding more name-server, login to WHM > Networking Setup >> Nameserver IPs
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    Thanks mate

    Then I just keep 2 DNS servers as it is.

    So I do not want to waste my extra IP's

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