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    Linux Kernel Flaw

    Do we have to be concerned with this issue?,00.html

    Is Centox 4x system included in the Kernel Flaw above?

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    Yes Be concerned as its a big security problem, if you havent already patched servers then do it NOW. Your ten days behind everyone else!

    If you search there was a thread on it around that time.

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    CentOS4 is not vulnerable to this exploit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
    CentOS4 is not vulnerable to this exploit.
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    It shouldn't be, just because you're safe form this ONE Exploit doesn't mean there are others that haven't been disclosed yet. That said I strongly recommend you sign up for the centos announce,discussion and information mailing lists to get regular updates on updated packages to address and patch other security vulnerabilities.

    CentOS mailing lists can be found and signed up for at the following address
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    Yeah, CentOS 4.x doesn't use that kernel in their own yum/up2date kernel update/versions, but some people with CentOS 4.x might be using a newer kernel, so that, too, depends.

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