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    Server with big traffic


    i search a solution for a website with a lot of traffic, the site have 30000 to 50000 visits day and a traffic of 5Mb to 10 mb for one visitor, i need a solution with +- 10000 Gb of monthly traffic.
    For the connctions, 100 Mbits or 1Gbps~

    What is the best solution? dedicated server? more than one dedicated server? Thx.

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    You could get away with one dedicated server, but it depends really what kind of traffic are these visitors making? Are they downloading files or is it a flash/image heavy website?
    Also, you could get more help by telling us where are you looking to have your server placed(USA/Europe).
    Last but not least, check the dedicated server offers section on these forums to see if there is an offer that fits your budget.

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    It all depends. Is this site MySQL related, or is it all just static content?
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    Actualy i don't find any dedicated server with this specifications, 100 Mbps or 1Gbps with 10000 Gb of monthly transfer.

    caracteristics of server:
    dual or Quad core (Core2 Duo/Quad or more)
    2*250Gb mini
    2Gb of ram mini
    Linux Os

    For the location, first choise is Euro zone.

    For the web site, he have 5000 to 10000 products, the product page have 4 pictures, and a litle video, and one big quality image (one page = 1,5 to 3 Mb). And of course, Mysql database

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    You really shouldn't have a hard time trying to find a server with these specifications.

    What is your budget range?
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    The ideal budget is between 200 to 300 Us
    But the most important is find a solution for do the job, previsional budget is not mandatory... if i have to pay more, i don't have the choise.

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    Your budget is too low. I don't think you will honestly find a descent server with great specs and that much quality bandwidth for $300 USD.

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    Budget is too low for one single mid-high end server with that much traffic.

    How you thought of spliting to 2 servers?
    1 strong servers for applications and others just serving static files ( images and video)

    So you can get a decent Quad Core for around 200$ ( for instance SoftLayer)
    And a low end server with 10TB of bandwidth in UK like Uk2.

    Or here:
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    You can try this ( from Poundhost, they're based in the UK.

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    You need 3 servers, One mirror directional and the other two as basic bandwidth clones ( apache mirror )

    Ive setup a similar system, but that required 10x of what bandwidth you are requiring.
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    So your scripts will not consume much resource?
    If so, your requirement is 15k Gb/mo or 2k GB/mo. You can go with a plan that provide 10M dedicated connection or allow you more than 2k GB/mo. e.g.

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    Thanks, rapidswitch and poundhost have good server with big monthly traffic, do you have any exprience with them?
    this is a good compagny? and support team?

    poundhost price is very good, maiby too mutch...

    For the option of spliting in to 2 servers, if i don't have other option yes, now is not very necessary, maiby in the futur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkfly View Post
    Thanks, rapidswitch and poundhost have good server with big monthly traffic, do you have any exprience with them?
    this is a good compagny? and support team?

    poundhost price is very good, maiby too mutch...

    For the option of spliting in to 2 servers, if i don't have other option yes, now is not very necessary, maiby in the futur.
    I signed up with Poundhost about a week ago, so I have "experience" with them, but not very much of it. My initial impression: they know their stuff. They assigned me the extra IP addresses in the package very quickly after I asked them about it, and when the server needed a restart the job was done in about 10 minutes.

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    $200 - $300 budget is too low for your requirements. With 10,000 GB of monthly transfer (about 35 Mbps of bandwidth) you'll need to expect to pay $450 per month.
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    Honestly, I would advocate a three server setup.

    Two beefy machines, one for Web stuff, one for DB stuff.

    Thurd server can be a Dual Core single CPU, running Lighttpd, serving images and videos. I've had to do that in the past... and it's worked out pretty decently.
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    Ive had some expirence with rapidswitch(49pence), there support is very good and know what they are doing/talking about. Just a quick phone call and you can talk to a tech.. not just a recptionist but the tech themseleves. Who will go and look at your server for you and do what is needed.

    They provide free KVM Over IP which is a bonus meaning you virtual have full access to the server, even if it is down.

    You could contact their sales about your requirements and they could offer you a setup they think will best suit your needs, be it one server or multiple servers.

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    As per your requirement you must look for some reliable service provider and seek for clustered environment with reliable load balancing option to ensure no downtime. Although this will increase your commercial expenditure but as traffic will be very high and bandwidth consumption is also high, so i think you must have a robust setup.
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    Having a robust setup is something most new sites seem to forget. I suppose it comes down to expensive. But getting a few boxes isnt really all that expensive

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    Leaseweb in NL is offering sets with 10k Tb per month with hugh servers. Try there...

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