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    Ubiquity Servers - LA bandwidth change (amazing!)

    I've been with Ubiquity Servers for about 6 months now, and i must say they are the best hosting company i have ever rented from ! Amazing response times to support tickets (usually 1-5 mins) no matter what time it is. I rent a c2d e6600 with 2 gb ram from them to run a few game servers on the servers located in la. now i'm aware on there site they use pure mizma bandwidth, and i always thought it was good i average 17-25ms constant which is good but i've experienced 8-12ms on other los angeles servers. but tonight my dream came true, as of now i am getting 8-12ms from this server so ubiquity or mizma must have optimized the routing just a little more tonight or something. not really sure what happend but whatever did, i like it! I'm kind of hoping someone from Ubiquity could post here and explain what changes were made.


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    Perhaps your ISP was the one that did the actual routing change . Good review anyway.

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    that could be but i and serveral other people that i play games with everyday on this server noticed the change all at the same time, but we do live close to the same area, but we do not all have the same isp

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    Thanks Grambam.

    Mzima Networks is our primary upstream at all POPs, we only use other carriers for fail-over, so to be fair they probably deserve most of the credit for any server-side network improvements.

    As to an explanation for the improvements, Mzima has been expanding and improving their network daily. With as many gamers and other very latency-critical setups that tend to occupy our network, they do generally get a handful of reroute suggestions forwarded throw us alone each week; and generally are very good about constantly improving routes. 6 months ago Mzima had advertised around 300-350 peering providers, now they have 450+, with roughly double the points of presence.

    This month they also gave us permission to distribute these two PDF resources on everything they've been doing, which should give a much more intelligent-sounding explanation for all of their improvements than I could probably attempt to regurgitate:
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    hey corey, thanks for replying, its good to hear that their always improving and already amazing network like they have setup! only thing is everyones pings returned to what they have been last night, so they must have changed it back or something

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    If you could send us the 2 route, before and after we would be more than happy to take a look at it for you.

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