Hey Everyone!

I run a great Webhosting company with GREAT prices and Offers. We have awsome Tech support That you can contact with AOL/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/IRC!!

You can Order and getr mor info on our services at:

We offer the following services TOTALY FREE with your order!!

- Ensim Control Panel With Built in File Manager and FTP backup.(we will be moving servers in a few weeks and will have Cpanel 4.8 and you will be upgraded FREE)
- Domain: Yourname.com
- Unlimited Subdomains
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Anonymous FTP
- Max Users: 5000 At one time(ill be happy to ajust this for you if you REALLY REALLY need it)
- PHP, Perl, CGI, MySql
- Secure Web (SSL)
- Server Side Includes
- OpenSSH
- Telnet
- FULL Web/Apche Logs
- 12 Hour MYSQL Backup
- 10$ Restore
- Unlimited E-Mail Accounts (POP3, Imap Server, SquirrelMail Web-based Email , Sendmail SMTP Server, Majordomo Mailing List Server, Auto-Responders)
- Analog Web/FTP Log Analyzer
- Disk Space: Up to 700 Megs(i can increase even over that on request)
- Bandwidth/Transfer: uptp 50 gigs per Month(i can increase even over that on request)

All this starting at only $15 Dollors a Month + a One time only $10 setup!!(if you contact me i may even drop the setup)
Curently you MUST pay with Paypal (www.paypal.com) But if you really really cant with paypal im pretty sure i can arange a way to pay via check through the mail.

You can Contact our Tech support via any of the ways below:
E-mail: [email protected]
AOL: DeMiNe0
AOL: Blackintr3pid
ICQ: 118836328
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: Demineo0101
IRC: irc.undergroundcandy.net Port 6667 #undergroundcandy

Website+order Page: http://www.undergroundcandy.net/html...htm#webhosting

Thats just a tempoary Website BTW. We will be switching servers were we will put our site on and this server will have cpanel 4.8, so you will all be upgraded FREE!