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    PHP Programmer Available - Great Resume

    Hello, my name is Milun Tesovic, I have been programming in PHP for quite some time now and I'm looking to obtain a few freelance jobs. A few websites I coded. - Everything you see on there has been coded by me except the vBulletin. This includes the newsletter area, administration area, etc...

    Note: Not the way you navigate through the site. Such as those aren't auctually directories and files. The entire site is 2 files broken up into functions and classes to make it possible for google to obtain "ALL" the content off the site resulting in much better search engine searches. - Yet again, everything from head to toe, coded by me except the vBulletin. Lots of custom made hacks, new features, fast, professional code. - Modified site features to make it run faster as well as re-coded parts of phplinks to make it accustomed to the user's needs. - Coded a lot of things for this website such as a membership system as well as done free coding for clients where the projects are not major.

    And many many more.

    I work for quite cheap. All my code is professional, clean, easy to understand and is optimized to sustain a lot of users without crashing or causing any lag.

    If you are interested please send me a e-mail to [email protected] and I'm positive we can work something out.

    Thank you,
    Milun Tesovic

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    Another PHP Programmer on the board...


    Theres tons of us now...


    Another PHPer

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    i wish i have to patient to learn these stuff. used to play around w/ html 7 yrs ago, now, just too darn lazy and impatient.
    email: [email protected]

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